Review - "Dust on the Wing"

"Dust on the Wing" by Parker Foye 

Captain Tam spends his life travelling through space on his beloved ship, the Paradigm Princess, and he likes nothing better than being alone with the horizon. However, when a routine stop on his favourite planet brings an unexpected new crew member, he breaks routine and agrees to take her on board—because if Tam plays this through, the powerful Marquis will owe him a favour. Surely that's worth a detour

*I want to thank NetGalley for giving me the chance to sneak an early peek into this*

Chances are, if there's a book with spaceships and alike I have to read it. Like it's physically impossible for me to just NOT read it. Unfortunately, 85% of the time, I end up being disappointed. And unfortunately, that's the case here as well. Don't get me wrong, it's an easy ready and the characters are likable, but there is just not enough: not enough characterization, not enough plot. It just seems like a big chunk is missing. The story starts out of nowhere and you have literally no idea what's going on (or was this just me?). Yeah, it's not really a long book, so it could have been longer. That was a real shame because the it could have been a great story. 
What I really liked about it tho, is Tam being asexual. That's not something you come across often. So brownie points for that :)

Foye's writing style is great too, and I would actually like to read something else by them. 


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