Review - "Midsummer At Eyre Hall" (The Eyre Hall Trilogy #3)

"Midsummer At Eyre Hall" (The Eyre Hall Trilogy #3) by Luccia Gray 

Midsummer at Eyre Hall is the third and final volume of The Eyre Hall Trilogy, which chronicles the lives of the residents of Eyre Hall from the beginning to the height of the Victorian era. 
Following the death of her second husband, Richard Mason, Jane is finally engaged to the man she loves. However, her oldest son, John Rochester, will do everything in his power to stop the wedding and take over Eyre Hall and the Rochester Estate, with devastating consequences for Jane. 
Romance, mystery and excitement will unfold, based on the lives of the original characters, and bringing to life new and intriguing ones, spinning a unique and absorbing narrative, which will move the action from the Yorkshire countryside to Victorian London, and magical Cornwall.

*I received a digital copy of this book by the author for an honest review*

Midsummer At Eyre Hall is the final installment in the Eyre Hall Trilogy, which pretty much takes off where the last book ended, although not in chronological order. It tells the story of Jane, Michael and the others through a series of flashbacks, which then always connect the chapters to the present. It is no secret that I like the Eyre Hall series, which mostly has to do with Jane Eyre and Luccia's unique writing style. Midsummer At Eyre Hall was a great finish to the trilogy, I enjoyed the new characters that were introduced, especially Max. 
I got said about certain characters' death and cheered the death of other characters, which says a lot about Luccia's writing. It evokes all these different kinds of emotions and makes you feel with these characters. I felt Jane's pain and sadness, Michael rage and vengefulness, their love for each other and  so many other things. 
Every reader knows, there are certain characters you can't let go of and Luccia Gray did an amazing job bringing them back to life. She poured a lot of different things into the story as well and made it her own - simply unique. 
I would recommend the series to everyone who loves the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen and who wants to read more about Jane Eyre. 

Although I loved the book and the series, I am pretty .. dissatisfied (although this is a strong word) with how it ended. There are some loose ends and open questions, but who knows, maybe Luccia will get inspired to write a fourth book! :) 

PS.: Again, the cover is simply beautiful! This alone should be a reason to buy the book! 

Title: Midsummer At Eyre Hall (Book 3 of The Eyre Hall Trilogy) 

Author: Luccia Gray   

Pub. Date: June 21st 2016

Pages: 294

Publisher: Amazon (I think?)


Genre: Historical; Mystery, Thriller & Suspense; Romance; 

(also available for Kindle Unlimited!)

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  1. Thank you, Claire, for a wonderful and honest review. The trilogy is over, but some of the characters ae still stalking me... They want me to tell some more stories, and who knows, I may well succumb :)

    1. You're welcome! And thanks again for letting me read them in advance! AND I HOPE YOU WILL! (especially Helen & Max really grew on me! *wink wink)


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